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CSR Action Guidelines

MHI/MHI-AP strives to move the world toward a more secure future. Through our technology, our business practices and our people, we:

  • Care for the planet

    • We are eco-conscious, and engineer environmentally-friendly technologies that improve sustainability and protect the Earth
  • Create a more harmonious society

    • We embrace integrity and proactive participation to solve societal challenges
  • Inspire the future

    • We cultivate global talent who share a vision and desire to move the world forward for generations to come
Specific Guidelines

Our dedication to achieving positive and sustainable social impact drives our daily actions

  • Care for the planet

    • Through our technologies, we are promoting increased access to energy while also addressing environmental challenges
    • Through a high level of environmental awareness, we are reducing the environmental impact of our business
  • Create a more harmonious society

    • Through our safe, high-quality products, we are staying one step ahead of the needs of customers and society
    • In every action, we are guided by a commitment to integrity, transparency, and respect for social norms
    • Through our operations across the world, we are dedicated to the development of a global society where local communities thrive
  • Inspire the future

    • Through our working environments, we are building a culture of creativity, community and pride
    • Through our business operations and technologies, we drive innovation that will inspire the hopes and dreams of future generations in ways that move the world forward