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We provide highly reputable material handling systems for steel manufacturing plants, ports, bulk-handling plants and electrical power plants, to meet any and all needs of our customers over the world.

Steel Plant Logistics Systems

We supply a wide variety of machines from upper stream to down stream for steel manufacturing plants. We manufacture and deliver equipment consisting mainly of large-scale ladle cranes, gantry unloaders, and hot-and-cold rolling coil transfer cars. We can propose optimal designs for these types of equipment.

  • Ladle Crane

    Ladle Crane

  • Coil Transfer Car

    Coil Transfer Car

  • Rope Trolley Gantry Unloader for coal and ore

    Rope Trolley Gantry Unloader
    for coal and ore

Container Handling Systems

We supply a large number of port equipment, such as container cranes, to handle mass container transport. Taking into consideration the container ship size increase in recent years, we have successfully developed new technologies including seismic isolation and environment-friendly automated electrical rubber tyred gantry cranes (RTGs). We actively participate in projects for the construction of next-generation container terminals, contributing to the improvement of logistic systems efficiency.

  • Container Crane

    Container Crane

  • Seismic Isolation System

    Seismic Isolation System

  • Automated Container

    Automated Container

  • Automated Container

Bulk Handling Systems
Coal-Handling System

We supply and provide holistic engineering for a wide range of equipment such as ship unloaders, stacker-reclaimers, ship loaders, and conveyor equipment. We facilitate unloading/loading and activities involved at storage and transshipment stations for handling materials such as coal.

Complete view of a Coal-Handling System

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