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Marine Machinery
& Engine

MHI group offers a rich marine machinery & engines product lineup made possible through proprietary design, cutting-edge technology and the fusion of the trust and track record nurtured over more than 130 years. The marine products are characterized by the reliability, high performance and superior maintainability that only MHI brand and its long-history can provide.

  • Marine Engines

    Marine Engines

  • Turbochargers


  • ORC(Organic Rankine Cycle)

    (Organic Rankine Cycle)

  • MERS(Mitsubishi Energy Recovery System)

    MERS (Mitsubishi Energy
    Recovery System)

  • Boilers


  • Turbines


  • Fin Stabilizers

    Fin Stabilizers

  • Propellers


  • Steering Gear

    Steering Gear

  • Deck Cranes

    Deck Cranes

  • Deck Machinery

    Deck Machinery

Project MEET

Mitsubishi Marine Energy & Environment Technical Solution-System

Project MEET is the cornerstone of our ongoing quest to meet the energy and environmental needs of today’s marine machinery and engine market, with the technology of tomorrow.

Marine Machinery & Engine

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